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Meet Our Founder...


Tracie McKinney...

Mom. Author. Motivational Speaker.

As a Mother, Businesswoman, Board Certified Credit Consultant, Author and Life Coach, balancing it all by the Grace of God; Tracie has hit the ground running with the goal of making an impact wherever she goes!  

In her life pursuits, Tracie has overcame many barriers, but did not let her past keep her from her future.

Tracie has been Restored, Renewed and Rewritten; and now her focus is to inspire and empower others to do the same, as the Turn Around Life Coach.

As the Creator and Founder of The Circles Foundation, her vision is to help as many people as possible break free from unhealthy cycles!


"All it takes is for someone to believe in you enough to help you get unstuck! And I believe that doing so will give our youth a path that will lead straight to their purpose and destiny! And that is how the name and vision for this foundation came into existence."

~ Tracie, McKinney


I have always had a heart for helping and being of service to others. And, because of that, I strive to help young adults and youth walk into their purpose.


Her Story

& inspiration for birthing the Circles Foundation

Tracie's connection to this mission is deep rooted, as she lost her son Dante' to gun violence in the city of Chicago.

"After losing my son, I transcended into darkness, and during that entire period God would continually send strangers, that would tell me to tell my story; and at that moment I had to make the decision to allow my pain to push me into PURPOSE! I just knew it was nobody but God. It still took several years before I started, but I now understand the process of healing had to take place first. It is all in God’s timing."

Today, Tracie and her three beautiful daughters not only keep the memory of Dante' alive, but it has ignited her passion to create a foundation with a unwavering mission to save as many youth from violence; and to provide them a safe space to grow, heal, connect and empower them for a beautiful future!



My mission and overall goal is to reach as many souls as I can and try to make a change in whatever way that I am led by God. He will equip me to do just what He has ordained me too. Nothing changes if Nothing changes.

Let the change be a change of EMPOWERMENT!

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For booking and more information...

If you would like to connect with Tracie, book her to speak at your next event, or if you would like to learn more about her services, we'd love to hear from you!

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